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Event Shoot, image edit and image delivery

What I do to deliver outstanding images

This post outlines the typical steps involved in an event photoshoot. The purpose of this overview is to provide clients with an understanding of what they are buying and how costs are justified.  A  typical event shoot comprises:

  • Initial discussion, agreement, and payment..
  • Planning and preparation.
  • Attendance and image capture.
  • Download and edit photographs and images.
  • Image sharing.
  • Close.
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Step 1 – Initial discussion

This is a conversation between the client and myself, either in person, via the telephone, or a video call on Zoom or a similar application. 

This discussion is to define what the client wants and how I provide the services required. 

 My contact details are:


For a day or half-day equivalent event, I quote for the job on the call and we agree to go ahead to use my services.  The time, date, and location is confirmed and payment is made either through Paypal or to my bank account.

Issues to consider:

  • How do you intend to use the image – for printing, social media, and website?  Each use case may require different formats and resolutions so please advise on your requirements. 
  • My involvement – I can advise on all aspects of image creation, editing, and social media, including social media setup,  blog writing, website development, branding, and marketing your business. 
  • Sharing images with your guests – via a portal we provide that enables prints to be purchased? 
  • Storage of your images.
  • Budget for the shoot – what you need compared to what you may want.
  • Timelines to use your images  for timely publishing
Step 2 – Planning and Preparation

It takes time to charge multiple batteries and to test and pack the equipment required for an event, especially where video lights, audio, studio flash, and stands are required.  Where two shooters are required, time for briefing and coordination. is required.

Step 3 Attendance and image capture

On arrival, I meet with the client and reaffirm their priorities and seek clarification where required. 

Setup can take up to an hour, especially when video lights and audio are required. 

I constantly seek opportunities to create interesting compositions using different lenses and angles, I go out of my way to capture individual and group shots, and video people “speaking to the camera” to capture their thoughts and opinions, especially useful for online posts.  

Pack-up for an event can take as much time as set up. 

Step 4 – Download images and editing

This is where raw images captured in the camera are downloaded into our editing suite. We use professional software to edit our photographs and videos.  Editing enables us to produce images aligned to your house style or taste, considering your intended audience, and how you want to use your images.   

A typical 4-hour event typically results in between 200-500+ photographs and many video clips. We first sort and rate each image based on quality, composition, and relevance.  Highly rated images are individually edited using a variety of tools and effects, and saved in the required format and resolution. 

Step 5 – Image sharing 

This is the process of loading images onto dropbox and/or our sharing portal, drafting instruction emails, and assisting the client to download and store their images.

Realistic quotations

 I provide tailored quotes for clients based on budget, status (a business or charity), new or repeat customers, equipment used, availability, and the end-to-end time required.   

A typical 4-hour event requires around 8-12 hours to plan, attend, edit and deliver, depending on the complexity of photo and video capture and editing

Each client quote account for time and expenses. 

The total time for a typical 4-hour event is shown below.

  • 20-minute client discussion and confirmation via email.
  • 30-minute planning and preparation, (camera and equipment selection and packing, battery charging, etc)
  • Journey time (20 minutes return trip within Milton Keynes)
  • 10-30 minute setup (e.g. setup video lights and audio, backdrop, testing)
  • 4-hour attendance, usually longer.
  • 30-minute pack-up.
  • 2-4 hour photograph editing. (I shoot in RAW for best results. This requires editing.  I can use jpeg* to reduce editing time but this is not recommended because of quality and flexibility sacrifices.)
  • 2-4+ hour video editing.
  • 20-minute final image loading and sharing with the client.
  • Final client discussion, 10 minutes. 
 Please evaluate my quotes based on this information. 

Why me?

 You get:

  •  Trusted event photography and video service delivered by an experienced image creator using professional equipment suitable for action and low light locations and events. 
  •  High quality, professionally editing photographs and videos that meet your budget and requirements.
  •  Experienced professional who offers marketing and online advice
  • Excellent customer service.
  • On-time delivery

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