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Enhance your event photographs for printing and framing

Capture the moments of your events with confidence, knowing that we can transform your photographs into studio-quality masterpieces for both printing and sharing. We understand that sometimes the lighting may not be perfect, or the background may be distracting, but fear not – our enhanced image retouching service is here to elevate your memories from £15 per photograph.

Before After Family basic scaledFamily Enhanced scaled

The initial photo was adjusted to fix the colour temperature and cropped to a size of 10″x8″. Notice the strong shadow on the background and bright spots on the faces. This original photo was then edited in Photoshop to produce the final version. The updated image includes a new background to remove shadows, a smoother background texture, and improved lighting. Each face was enhanced by eliminating bright spots, shaping shadows and highlights, and evening out skin tones to enhance the overall appeal of the image. The images below were all captured at events with challenging lighting and backdrops and have been edited further in Photoshop to create beautiful portraits. 

Our Standard Event Photograph Editing Service

Colour Temperature Correction

We ensure that the colours in your photographs accurately represent the ambiance of your event. Say goodbye to any unwanted colour casts.

Optimal Cropping

Our expert editors carefully crop each image to best showcase the subjects, ensuring a visually appealing composition.

Straightening Surfaces

Horizontal and vertical surfaces are straightened as appropriate, providing a polished and professional look to your event photographs.

Taking It to the Next Level

This standard event photograph editing service sets the foundation for high-quality images that capture the colours and activities of your event. However, we understand that some moments are worth more than just a digital memory. That’s why we offer an enhanced image retouching service that goes beyond standard edits.

Enhanced Image Retouching Service

Elimination of Bad Lighting Effects (‘Hotspots’)

Unflattering flash hotspots caused by reflections on the skin are removed, ensuring a natural and well-lit appearance.

Background Enhancement

Cluttered backgrounds are expertly removed or replaced, highlighting the key subjects and moments.

Skin Tone Adjustment

Achieve flawless portraits with adjustments to skin tones, blemish reduction, and a polished look for everyone in the photograph.

Dodging and Burning

Facial features are sculpted using dodging and burning techniques, adding dimension and depth for a refined appearance.


 From £15 per photograph.

How to Get Started

1. Choose Your Photographs

Select the photographs you want to enhance and note down their file names.

2. Email Your Selection

Send an email to with the file names of the chosen photographs.

3. Custom Assessment and Quote

Our team will carefully review your selected photographs and provide a quote based on your chosen services.

4. Approval and Payment

Once you approve the quote, we’ll proceed with the enhancements. You can make the payment securely online.

5. Receive Your Enhanced Photographs

Download the high-resolution, professionally retouched images ready for printing and sharing.

Why Choose Us


Our team consists of skilled professionals with extensive experience in image retouching.

Personalised Service

Each photograph is individually assessed and edited to ensure the best possible result.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We strive for your satisfaction. If you’re not pleased with the results, we’ll make it right.

Ready to Elevate Your Event Photographs? 

Contact David at or call 07710 628198 to discuss your event photographs and take the first step towards transforming your memories into lasting masterpieces.