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Wedding photography and video

Capture emotions, colours, sounds and excitement

I create high-quality images of weddings and engagements that tell stories and are valued for years to come. 

As an experienced Wedding Photographer in Milton Keynes, I very much enjoy working with couples and families to plan and create fantastic photographs and videos of engagements and weddings.   The colour, excitement, emotion, and drama provide wonderful opportunities to create images that couples treasure. 

 Our wedding photography and video service are tailored to each couple.  Our most popular wedding package captures the ceremony, wedding guests and bridal party, reception speeches, and cake cutting.  Images are edited for sharing online and printing. An additional photographer incurs extra costs.  The couple receives their photographs as High Definition JPEG files suitable for printing in a commercial laboratory.    

The images below are of Andy and Stephanie at their wedding in Linlithgow, Scotland.

Wedding Video

A video of your Wedding Day is a fantastic compliment to your Wedding Day Photography.  Video captures the sounds, movement, and emotions.

Your video is shared online, on TV, and on mobile devices.  

Your Wedding Day Video features:

  • Multiple video cameras are placed to capture the ceremony and celebrations.
  • Filmed in 4K for the highest quality capture.
  • Professional audio – Lanier and positioned microphones to capture vows and speeches.
  • Wedding highlight and full wedding day video.
  • Professional video editing.

Happy couples

Larai and David

Laria and David were married in Bedford with their extended family and friends.  This was a hugely enjoyable wedding ceremony and wedding party.  They wanted to capture their day with photographs and video and came to me because they could trust me to capture the emotion, colours, and sounds and to produce images that documented the occasion. 

I priced two videos, one for the ceremony in church and the second for the party and celebrations with over 300 guests in a lovely marquee laid out for the party. 

What made the day special were the fabulous locations and the love and openness of everybody there. There were lots of tears and laughter and I was pleased to capture them in high-quality images and videos. 

A wonderful celebration of two people and their family and friends coming together.

Matt and Jessie

A traditional service and wonderful party in the heart of York

I could not resist the opportunity to photograph and video the wedding ceremony of Matthew and Jessie.   This was slightly unusual as Matthew is my oldest son! Perhaps I should have relaxed and enjoyed the day and left the formal photography to the professional photographer!  

That said, I set up three video cameras in strategic locations in the church and reception venue. They recorded the ceremony and celebrations in 4K.   This enables me to produce a 60-minute video,  and because the image quality was so good, I grabbed stills from the movie to create a set of fantastic still photographs.    


Michael and Jane

Michael and Jane were married at the beautiful church of St Giles in Northampton city centre.   They wanted a photographer they could trust to capture their day and to produce images that are informal and captured the service and reception with the emotion, love, and drama of the day.


Their Wedding Day Photography shoot followed an engagement shoot.  The combined engagement and wedding images were greatly appreciated by the happy couple.   

When planning the wedding shoot I agreed to video the ceremony. The 60-minute wedding video captured the sounds, movement, and drama of the wedding ceremony and celebrations.  Several video cameras were used to capture multiple angles and viewpoints.
What made the day special was the spectacular location, the openness of the couple and the wedding party, and lots of love and good humour.
An amazing setting for a lovely couple, enjoyed with friends and family.

Lee and Lindi

A celebration of tradition, love, family and faith at Kings Church, Wolverton

I was asked to photograph Lee and Lindi’s wedding from arrival at church to the first dance at the wedding reception.  What made this day special was the informality and friendliness of the couple, the professionalism and warmth of the pastor and his team, and the determination of all to make this a very special day.


Light shaping and capturing the moment

Wedding Photographer In Milton Keynes

The images I create are vibrant and colourful because we take the time to encourage people to express themselves freely and to organise portraits when appropriate.  Quality is assured because  I use professional cameras and sophisticated lighting equipment.   

Our mobile studio flash system, for example, is wireless. High power strobe lights are positioned strategically to enable the photographer to be located at the right place with the right gear to capture action and emotion.

The flash equipment illuminates the darkest of venues and ensure that individual and group portraits are properly exposed.  Cameras are made to produce excellent quality images in low light.  
Telephoto, portrait and wide-angle lenses ensure that memories are captured in many different situations, at the highest quality. 
Wedding photography and video

David is using Profoto studio flash to evenly illuminate the venue and get the best possible group photographs.

Photographer capturing wedding ceremony by Wedding Photographer in Milton Keynes

Carolyn is armed with a Nikon D850 SLR and telephoto lens to get close-up and intimate images of Lee and Lindi taking their vows.

Exposure test by Milton Keynes Wedding Photographer

Testing flash and camera settings to get exposure and colour balance correct.

church strobe test by Milton Keynes Wedding Photographer

Profoto wireless flash set up to capture guests and wedding party in a large and poorly lit church.

wedding day enquiry

As a local wedding photographer in Milton Keynes, you benefit from personal attention before, during and after your wedding. 

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