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Event photography and video

High quality, professionally crafted images that tell your story

I capture, edit and deliver high-quality images that capture the emotion, colour, sounds, and drama of events and special occasions. 

Why you need an experienced event photographer and videographer

Many times, hiring an experienced and well equipped event photography and videography is not considered, resulting in the burden falling on the event organiser, friends, and family to capture photos and videos. While this can sometimes lead to satisfactory results, it usually fails to produce consistently excellent images or a full documentation of the occasion. To ensure the best possible outcome, it’s wise to hire a professional event photographer and videographer.

Having  a good photographer and videographer attend your event is good for your happiness and well-being!

No dedicated shooters

Not having a dedicated event photographer and videographer at an event can result in subpar images and videos that fail to capture the essence of the occasion, which is why hiring a professional with their specialised skills and equipment is essential for ensuring high-quality documentation of the event.

Mobile phones

Using mobile phones to capture an event can lead to substandard images and videos due to limitations in equipment and expertise, making it a poor substitute for the quality and professionalism that a dedicated photographer and videographer can offer

In addition to visual quality, using amateur cameras to record an event can also impact audio quality, resulting in muffled, distorted, or inconsistent sound that fails to capture important moments such as speeches or music. A professional event photographer and videographer is equipped with high-quality audio equipment and have the necessary expertise to capture clear, balanced audio that enhances the overall quality of the final product.

Available lighting

When it comes to capturing events in poor lighting conditions, it’s even more crucial to hire a professional event photographer and videographer who have the necessary skills, knowledge, and equipment to handle challenging lighting situations. Poor lighting can result in blurry, noisy, or underexposed images that fail to convey the atmosphere and emotions of the occasion. A professional can use their experience and expertise to overcome these challenges and create high-quality images and videos that showcase your event in the best possible light.

Partial record

To effectively document the start to end action at an event, it’s essential to hire a professional event photographer and videographer who have the experience and expertise to capture every moment, from the opening ceremony to the last dance. They can anticipate and capture important moments and details that might otherwise be missed, ensuring a comprehensive and beautiful documentation of your event. A professional can also provide different perspectives and angles, adding depth and variety to the final product.

Badly exposed, cropped and presented images

Editing photographs and videos of an event is a crucial step in creating a final product that accurately reflects the occasion and captures its essence. A professional event photographer and videographer have the necessary skills, experience, and software to edit images and videos to enhance their quality, remove any flaws or unwanted elements, and create a cohesive and visually appealing narrative of the event. They can also tailor the editing to suit the client’s specific needs and preferences, resulting in a final product that is personalised, polished, and professional.

Use me for the complete picture!

It’s important to understand the significance of having a professional event photographer and videographer in Milton Keynes who possess the necessary skills, equipment, and experience to capture, process, and present every aspect of your occasion. They can capture the emotions, colours, movement, and sounds of your event, leaving you with a comprehensive and beautiful documentation of your special day.  Look at my recent work as examples of what you can expect. 


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Event photography and video services

We provide a complete photography and video service to document your event using professional equipment to capture sights, sounds, colours, and emotions.  Our professional editing gets the best out of the raw images we capture to ensure that images are presented at their best for printing and sharing on social media, or for marketing products and services.

Community and Personal Events

We photograph and video community, family and private events, birthdays, remembrance events, presentations & awards.

Conferences and Seminars

We photograph and video conferences and seminars, presentation, awards, Q&A session, executive interviews and audience feedback.


Capture your heritage projects as interviews, documentaries and content. Share on social media and websites.

Sport events

Photographs and videos of the event, of teams and individuals competitors and fans.

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