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Outdoor photoshoot

As an experienced photographer, I understand the importance of finding the right location for a photoshoot. That’s why I always recommend an outdoor photoshoot to my clients whenever possible. Shooting outdoors not only provides a natural and dynamic backdrop, but it also allows us to take advantage of natural lighting conditions and capture more authentic and candid moments.

For this particular shoot we chose Junior as our model. Junior is an aspiring model and photographer and he wanted photographs for his website and social media. We chose Campbell Park and the Theatre District in Central Milton Keynes as the the location for the shoot. These locations provided us with a wealth of options to choose from. We were able to explore the different areas and capture a variety of shots that showcased the beauty of the location while also highlighting the model’s unique features and personality.

Using an off-camera flash with colour gels, we were able to create a range of lighting effects that added depth and dimension to the images. By keeping things simple and avoiding heavy equipment, we were able to move quickly from one location to another, capturing a wide range of images in a relatively short period of time.

During the post-processing stage, I used a combination of Lightroom and Photoshop to refine the images and add various effects that enhanced their overall look and feel. By taking the time to carefully select and edit each image, we were able to create a series of stunning photographs that were not only visually striking but also highly impactful.

In today’s highly competitive photography industry, having a set of professionally captured and edited photographs is critically important, especially when people want them for their website and social media.   That’s why I help people with  image and SEO optimisation services so that they and aspiring models  can be easily found by potential clients. By including relevant keywords and tags, as well as adding descriptive captions and alt text, you can increase the visibility of your images and improve your SEO score.

Overall, this outdoor photoshoot was a great success, and I’m confident that the images we created will help junior to further his modelling career. I’m looking forward to working with him again in the future and exploring new locations and creative ideas together.

A mixed outdoor/ studio photoshoot is often requested and this can be done using our mobile photography studio where we bring all our equipment close to the action, often using local premises for half or full day rental to build the studio.  Please get in contact to tailor our service to your needs. 

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