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Top 5 tips to choose your wedding photographer and videographer.

Our top 5 tips for couples when choosing their wedding photographer and videographer. 

A successful wedding and event photographer will have an impressive portfolio of clients and images that demonstrates expertise, imagination and an ability to best represent the couples they photograph and video.

You are investing considerable time, money and emotional energy into planning your wedding day.  You want your photographer to work in an organised way, who will  understand and achieve what you desire.

Ensure that your photographer proposes an appropriate wedding photography or video package that meets your budget, that he has a plan to work professionally on the day, and how he will deliver high quality images that you will be pleased to share and keep.

 Is there a wedding day plan in place ? This is essential to make sure that cornerstone images are captured of the couple, guests and the location. 

Seek clarification on the use of natural and flash lighting,  audio for video, and the range of camera and lens that will be used, particularly where special effects such as narrow depth of field and background bur is required.

Ask for an overview of what will be delivered in terms of images, post processing, image formats, and prints, what is included in the price and any likely additional costs. 

It is very important to feel confident that your photographer is trustworthy, empathetic and responsive, particularly on your wedding day.   

It helps greatly to feel that your photographer is on your side and you are comfortable with his personal style and work methods.  

Having a good personal chemistry with your photographer is key to ensure that the images produced will best represent you as individuals, as a couple and as a community of friends and family.

Whilst wedding packages define costs and images produced, they should not straitjacket what you want before, during and after the day itself.  Make sure that your specific needs are addressed, documented and costed.

Before the wedding, make sure that you understand what you are buying and get clarity on costs the day plan.

After the wedding you will be excited to see and share your images.

Does the wedding package include an opportunity to view proofs and to select images for final presentation? 

Are your final images edited and if so to what degree?

What options are there for colour grading, black and white, cropping and image format ratios? 

Assuming that you have carefully chosen your photographer using the tips noted above, the images you get receive will meet your expectations and you will be pleased with the results. 

It is better to invest time and effort as early as possible in your wedding day preparations  to ensure that you get the best tradeoff between quality and cost.

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Professional photographer and videographer equipped with high-resolution cameras, professional lenses, and light modifying gear.

Our approach

In response to these tips, we deliver a structured approach to plan, price, and deliver your wedding day photography and video.

  • Over 40 years of image-making experience across multiple genres.
  • Personalised proposal and wedding day plan
  • Choice of photography or video packages, or a combined photography and video package.
  • Professional equipment for low light image capture, subject separation, and group and individual portraiture.
  • Extensive portfolio of images.
  • Professional image editing
  • Responsive and professional service.
  • Satisfied clients.

Your wedding day is professionally captured – from preparation to party.

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