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Find out about our recent video, photography and content creation projects, and how we are helping people to get noticed

I frequently post updates on events and projects for clients and for personal enjoyment. These posts show the breadth and depth of work that I do and showcase what you can expect in terms of content, quality and originality. 

A recent photo shoot at Salisbury Cathedral used a Sony A1 camera and two lenses to capture stunning images of the 13th-century Gothic building.

A reminder of the enduring power of faith and the redemptive love of God

Professional video and photographs for social media to showcase community and worship.

Apostle Deborah together with a group of ladies attended a weekend retreat focusing on the renewal of body and soul.

A video of the evening showcasing award winners, speeches, and entertainment

Start-to-finish event video and photography service tailored to your budget and needs.

Enjoy the colour, drama, excitement, and love through professional video and photography.

Find out about what mental health is, how it presents and how it can be addressed, and getting help.

Iconic World War 2 aircraft flying at IWM Duxford at the 2022. Enjoy my photographs from an amazing day!

A celebration of Nigerian culture with music, dancing and of course delicious food!

Jummy's photoshoot was captured using the latest Sony equipment, resulting in beautiful portraits that showcased her beauty, elegance, and radiant smile.

The community comes together to show respect, share memories and give their condolences to family and friends.

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