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How we are helping people and places get noticed

Updates on events and projects showing the breadth and depth of what I do. They showcase what you can expect in terms of imagery, storytelling, quality and originality. 

Selecting event photography and videography is critical. Ensure a perfect fit by considering these ten questions, guiding you towards a seamless and memorable experience

Capture the love and elegance from Delta Marriott's Valentine's Ball through my lens. Each photograph tells a unique love story—a celebration etched in memories

As the photographer documenting Christie's graduation at the University of Bedfordshire, I immersed in the joyous moments, capturing anticipation, pride, and camaraderie in wonderful, memorable photographs.

Preserve cherished memories: Our video and photographic services offer compassionate documentation for funerals, life celebrations, and commemorative events

Discover the transformative journey from event photos to captivating portraits using Photoshop. Unveil the essence of each moment and create portraits worth treasuring.

Immerse in the gospel melodies captured at David's Dance 2023. From intimate shots to soul-stirring performances, experience the magic through 500 photos and 3 hours of video.

Historic Menorah Lighting at Bletchley Park: A festive collaboration, featuring a nine-foot menorah, entertainment, and historical ties, brought together the community.

Professional photography and video services for Every Emotion is Valid 2023 – capturing moments, creating memories and promoting the programme.

Using a green screen to create a lovely set of baby photographs with matching backdrops without the need to invest in extra equipment

We recently had the pleasure of photographing and filming Elizabeth's 50th birthday! The evening was a greta success sharing love, laughter, and heartfelt tributes.

Celebrating Andrea's 50th with love, laughter and legacy. As the photographer, I captured cherished moments for lasting memories. Choose me to photography and video your special events.

Capturing moments at the Open Door Conference, I photographed, filmed, and created promotional materials, including an exclusive interview with Peter Marland, Leader of Milton Keynes Council.