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MUSIC VIDEOs and publicity photographs

Michael Rowntree Productions required professional photographs and video to promote his music in Ghana. The video was to be shot for two tracks, a gospel song, and a ballad.  He came to me to get the job done because  I could do the job quickly, at high quality without breaking the bank. 

My task was to identify locations in Milton Keynes where we could film and take photographs. I was required to create films that showcased aspects of Milton Keynes for a foreign audience, in particular, the architecture and the environment for which MK is famous.

Michael completed the final by dubbing the music tracks to the videos and the rendering the final production.

Portrait shots


Over 20 video clips were shot ranging from a few second to several minutes. This gave  footage to edit in post to create different angles, zoom effects and different perspectives. 

The ‘talent’ was charged with singing and moving to the tracks that were played on a PA system.  

Filming was great fun because we filmed in public with often joining in with a comment, a dance move, or in the case of ducks an occasional ‘quack’.

The videos were captured in 4.2.2 4k for maximum colour grading flexibility. They were shot over a two hour period.   Two example video clips are shown below. They are ungraded and audio is the original track over a PA system. 

Play Video about Photographer capturing wedding ceremony by Wedding Photographer in Milton Keynes - dubbing 1

Michael at home, thinking about his love, sings about his love far away. 

Play Video

Dancing and singing to music that will later be dubbed and colour corrected for publication to Michaels Ghanaian audience.

The videos were filmed using Panasonic professional cameras and their Pro line of lenses, namely the S Pro 24-70  f2.8 and the S Pro 70-200 f2.8.  High quality still images were pulled from the 4k video to provide additional material for publicity and marketing. 


High-resolution photographs were taken independently of video filming. 


The location for filming was Caldecotte Lake, Milton Keynes. 

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