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What we do

We capture beautiful photographs and videos, and create compelling websites tailored for individuals and businesses.

As a versatile visual storyteller, our main focus is on capturing the essence of life’s most precious moments, providing expert event photography for seamless event coverage. We excel in creating timeless portraits in both studio and outdoor settings. Additionally, our services extend to comprehensive online solutions, encompassing content creation for marketing and design, as well as website design, hosting, and ongoing support.


We capture business and community events, birthdays, memorials, heritage, and sports events, preserving moments with our photography and video expertise.


Our expert wedding photography and videography captures beautiful moments with sound, color, and emotion, using specialised equipment to preserve once-in-a-lifetime memories.


Our studio provides cherished portrait services for personal, family, and professional needs. Fashion and commercial photography, along with video shoots, effectively convey messages with impact.

Content Manangement

Our content creation and management services unite photography, video, and copywriting to elevate professional brand, service, and product marketing, both online and offline."

Website Design & Support

Our website design and support services are customised to client needs and budgets. We offer flexible payment plans and upgrades to ensure functionality adapts as requirements evolve."

Meet David – A Passionate Image and Memory Maker in Milton Keynes

David is a seasoned photographer with 40 years of experience and resides in Milton Keynes. Despite a successful career in consultancy, IT, and Cyber Security, photography remained his enduring passion.

Turning Passion into a Service 

Grateful for the opportunity, David transitioned into a  photographer and videographer in 2017.  His love for image-making spans multiple genres and incorporates the latest technologies.

Crafting Stories Through Photography and Video

David finds joy in helping clients share meaningful stories. Whether for charities or businesses, his expertise ensures the creation of exceptional work that clients can proudly showcase.

Your Vision, His Expertise

For a passionate and experienced photographer in Milton Keynes, contact David. Let him bring your vision to life and create something amazing together!

Photographer in Milton Keynes - David Stewart

David, a seasoned photographer in Milton Keynes with 40 years of experience, transitioned from a successful IT career to offering photography and videography services. He crafts exceptional visual stories for clients. Contact him to bring your vision to life.

Website and Content Management Services

As a content management specialist, I deliver professional visual content, compelling storytelling, and comprehensive website design and support, enhancing online presence for businesses and charities.

  • Aid in developing a seamless strategy that integrates visuals, enhancing overall online presence. Plan content calendars aligned with events, campaigns, or promotions.
  • Assist in establishing a strong visual identity by creating engaging content aligned with brand values. Develop a style guide for consistent online branding.
  • Provide professional website design tailored to the brand’s identity and objectives.
  • Ensure responsive and visually appealing designs for optimal user experience.
  • Offer ongoing website support and maintenance services to address technical issues promptly.
  • Capture professional photos and videos to showcase the brand, products, services, and the organisation’s mission.
  • Use photography and videography to narrate compelling stories, highlighting the human side of the business or impactful charity work.
  • Produce engaging videos and materials explaining products, services, or charitable initiatives. Develop visual content for presentations, brochures, and marketing.
  • Offer photography and videography services for launches, events, or charity activities. Create highlight reels or albums for online promotion.
  • Collaborate with charities to visually document impactful work, showcasing success stories through powerful images and videos. Assist in creating compelling fundraising campaigns.
  • Provide optimised visuals for websites and social media, ensuring fast loading and appealing displays. Create eye-catching cover photos and banners.

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