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Studio Facilities

A location for great images

Rather than invest money in an expensive fixed location studio we rent suitable space and set up our mobile studio for single or multiple photoshoots at a competitive cost.

  • We rent rooms with sufficient space for large groups, families, couples, and individuals as required.
  • Our specially selected locations are chosen in safe, well lighted areas. 
  • Ensure that rooms have the required roof height to position light modifiers, (softboxes) above head height.
  • Deploy studio flash lighting and modifiers to balance natural and artificial lighting.
  • Provide backdrops with white and black backing, coloured muslin backdrops, and specially selected vinyl backdrops for specific effects.
  • Provide car parking, refreshment, waiting area, and disabled facilities.
  • Changing areas and facilities for make-up and preparation.

Renting studio facilities means that we provide tailored photoshoots at a reasonable cost, in locations that are customised to the specific needs of clients and studio equipment.  

The following images were captured using our mobile studio:

Light shaping Equipment & editing

  • Our studio makes no compromise on light shaping equipment, background, camera equipment and editing tools.  
  • Studio flash heads provide illumination for multiple softboxes to produce head, full body and group portraits.  
  • Backgrounds provide clean images without distractions in keeping with photo boutiques costing considerably more money.  
  • Our professional cameras and lenses provide shallow depth of field and use modern technology to assure accurate focusing even when depth of field and separation of the subject from the background is very narrow. 

Fashion shoot studio set up

The photographs show a behind the scene (BTS) mobile studio set up for a fashion designer in Milton Keynes. The shoot was to photograph over 40 outfits for the 2022 season to be sold online on their website.  The mobile studio comprises a large backdrop and stand, three large parabolic lightboxes,  a Godox ad600, two Godox AD200’s and backup flash modifiers and batteries. All the strobes are powered by battery and operate using remote triggers on my camera.  

Camera gear includes two Sony A series professional cameras, assorted professional lenses, an exposure meter to balance the flash exposure, and multiple lighting stands to mount the strobes and light modifiers.   My Mac Book Pro is tethered to my camera to share images with my client in real time to help manage the shoot.  The model was provided by the client.

Once setup, the photoshoot went ahead and  over 2000 images were captured over four hours. I proofed, edited and presented selected images for loading onto my client website.


We provide a suitable chair and propos for seated portraits.  We recommend that clients bring suitable toys or props when young children are photographed.  Where specific themes are explored we source suitable backgrounds. They are inexpensive as can be seen from the examples below.  We are happy to select backgrounds with you prior to the shoot. 

wedding photographer in Milton Keynes Background options 1

Our editing approach

Our photographs are:

  • Captured in RAW for widest dynamic range. 
  • Colour corrected, cropped, and edited to adjust contrast and colour temperature.
  • Remove noise and sharpen as required.
  • Colour graded using effects such as analogue film emulation, add effects such as teal and orange presets, convert to black and white, where appropriate.
  • Files are shared via Dropbox as jpeg files for printing and sharing.
  • Printed using professional processing labs using different styles of paper and surface e.g. metallic, canvass, as appropriate.
Example photographs shot in our mobile studio are below

Why us

We undertake studio photoshoots in specially chosen locations and tailor our approach to create the images you want.  Our ability to set up a professional studio in a defined location provides our clients with a value for money service and creative options.

We use professional cameras and studio lighting, Our professional lenses include the ability to capture images using fast apertures that blus and separate people from backgrounds.  Our professional editing creates images with mood and impact. 

To get your photoshoot underway, please call  David on 0771 0628198 or click on the box below to outline your ideas.

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