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Portrait photography

Images that make you standout

I create high-quality images of individuals and groups that are valued for years to come.  Using our mobile studio we create compelling images indoors and on location.


Elevate your personal and family photos with our studio portrait photography services, an integral part of our comprehensive event video and photography business. We’re dedicated to capturing the essence of various events, whether they’re grand weddings with over 300 attendees or more intimate and sensitive occasions like funerals and commemoration events.

Our approach involves preserving the solemnity of significant moments with tact and sensitivity, ensuring every detail is thoughtfully documented. Beyond solemn events, we also specialise in joyous occasions such as birthdays, celebrations, and gatherings with friends and family, bringing creativity and professionalism to every frame.


  • Portraits for Event Banners and Slideshows
  • Corporate Headshots
  • Individual and Family Photoshoots
    • Family portrait session
    • Children’s photography
    • Children’s photography and video fun shoot
    • Maternity and newborn sessions
  • Beauty
  • Fun with Green Screens and AI
  • Studio Modelling Sessions for Online and Marketing Photography
    • Half day studio session
      Full day studio session
  • Advanced image editing 


  • Two-hour outdoor photoshoot


  • Photographic prints in various sizes and textures (Lustre or Gloss)
  • Canvases and metals.
  • Bespoke editing and print restoration.
  • Slideshow design and render (for TV, computer, and mobile devices).


– Weddings, festivals, funerals, and private functions.


My mobile photography studio is a complete setup that includes camera, lens, lighting, backdrops, and props, all packed into a set of compact and portable cases. This setup allows me to capture stunning images no matter where I am, whether it’s in the great outdoors or an indoor space.

The Benefits of a Mobile Photography Studio

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The benefits of having a mobile photography studio are numerous, and I have experienced many of them firsthand. Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • Portability: With a mobile photography studio, I can take my setup anywhere I go. This means I can capture stunning images on location and offer my clients unique and personalised photo shoots.
  • Flexibility: A mobile photography studio allows me to be flexible in my approach to photography. I can adjust my lighting and backdrops to suit different environments and create a variety of looks and style.
  • Cost-effective: With a mobile setup, I can offer studio-quality photos without the overhead costs of renting a physical space.
  • Convenience: A mobile photography studio is incredibly convenient. I can easily transport my equipment to my client’s location, saving them time and effort.
  • Portrait and Family Photography: With my mobile photography studio, I can create beautiful portraits and capture precious moments for families. Whether it’s for a family reunion, holiday card, or just a fun photoshoot, I can set up my studio in the client’s home, or a rented room and create stunning images.
  • Celebrating Events: My mobile photography studio is also perfect for capturing memories of important events, such as birthdays, engagements, new babies, and weddings. I can set up my studio at the event location and provide guests with high-quality photos to commemorate the occasion.

With the right equipment and a little creativity, I give my clients a unique and personalised photography experience that they’ll never forget, whether it’s for family portraits, celebrating events, or any other special occasion.

Indoor and outside photoshoots


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