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Processing an image in Lightroom

image processing using lightroom

Learn how to use Lightroom to enhance your night photography with artistically cropped and presented images. Follow these simple steps for stunning results

Salisbury Cathedral

New Baptismal font Salisbury Cathedral 2.

A recent photo shoot at Salisbury Cathedral used a Sony A1 camera and two lenses to capture stunning images of the 13th-century Gothic building.

Seabird photography at Bempton Cliffs

Sea bird photography at Bempton Cliffs 100 1

Bempton Cliffs are a prime location in the UK to photograph nesting seabirds. It ranks alongside other lcoations like Troup Head, The Isle of May and The Bass Rock.

Easter Murmuration 2022

Easter 2022 16

Easter 2022 was a wonderful weekend of bird photography at RSPB Snettisham and Brancaster Staith in North Norfolk.

London bus tour

London 57

London bus tour with Joanna and Luke. Seeing the sights and enjoying the company.

RAF Hendon

Photographer in Milton Keynes RAF Hendon 1

I wanted to refresh photographs of historic airplanes on display at RAF Hendon from several years earlier using a modern digital camera. 

Trees in the mist

portrait photographer in milton keynes Blair swing park 6 1

The good thing about winter is the weather! Despite the cold and dark, winter weather creates wonderful opportunities to are impossible to take in the summer.

West Cumbrian Coast

Senset 29

West Cumbrian coast from Corney Fell at Sunset, lookinf to Sellafield and Scotland.

Ely Cathedral

Ely Catherdarl by David P Stewart Photography34

Dating back to AD672 as an Abbey, the present building was started in 1083 and became a Cathedral in 1109.