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Trees in the mist

Waterhall Park

The good thing about winter is the weather! Despite the cold and dark, winter weather creates wonderful opportunities to create images that are impossible to capture in the summer.  Here we have trees shrouded in mist that creates a magical and mysterious effect. 


These images are taken at Waterhall Park in Bletchley. This park parallels the Grand Union Canal and I have long sought to capture the essence of this area, especially the tree-lined pathway that runs along the canal.    


The images were captured using my Lumix S1r camera and my S pro 24-70mm lens. They were editing in Lightroom and finished off using the glow filter in Nik4.

A glow filter was used to create this mystical effect, that brings out the diffused nature of the light. The lone figure shows the height of the trees. 0.5 seconds at F13, 70mm.

Taken at 70mm, I was able to compress the row of trees in the foreground to create a leading line to the rear tree.  Using an aperture of F16 and a shutter speed of 1.3 seconds, I was able to ensure that the image is in focus front to back. 

A more open scene with muted colours misty background.

This image combines two photographs to create an image with a deep depth of field.   The front-to-back focus was assured by an f22 and 3.2-second shutter speed.

A single leaf left after the autumn storms! 1/15th of a second at f2.8.

The path is used as a leading line to the back row of trees, shrouded in mist. 70mm, 1.3 Seconds at f16. 

A 2-second exposure at f16 shows the colours and texture of this lovely ivy. 

Grand union canal

The Grand Union Canal runs alongside the park. I include these  images to provide context.  


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