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Murmurations and marvelous migration

North Norfolk, Easter 2022

Easter 2022 was a wonderful weekend of bird photography at RSPB Snettisham and Brancaster Staithe in North Norfolk.

This was a special weekend because of the confluence of high spring tide, daylight, bird migration, and weather that produce conditions for a mass display of beach waders repeatedly taking off, forming large flocks, often making beautiful patterns to repeatedly move up the beach to feed as the tide rises.  This creates an opportunity to photograph this phenomenon, made more special by a wonderful sunset over the Wash,  a unique location on the East Coast of England where this happens.

The video comprises photographs of the birds as they congregate in the late evening sky.  The first half of the video is over two evenings at Snettisham beach, the other half is a collection of images at Brancaster Staithe shot with a Sony Super Telephoto 200-600mm lens. 

Easter 2022 1
On Snettsham Beach, waiting for high tide
Easter 2022 32
Sunset over the Wash - A unique occurance on the East Coast Of England.


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