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Mastering Night Photography: Editing in Lightroom

How to artistically crop and present a night photograph taken in St Andrews, Scotland using Lightroom.

Learn how to use Lightroom to enhance your night photography with artistically cropped and presented images. Follow these simple steps for stunning results.
image processing using lightroom

Capturing a stunning night photograph of St Andrews, Scotland was the goal. The challenge was to create an image that was artistically cropped and presented. Using Adobe Lightroom, I set out to achieve this goal.

The first step was to adjust the exposure, contrast, and clarity to create a more defined image. The next step was to correct the color balance to ensure the colors were accurate and natural. I then cropped the image to create a more artistic composition, highlighting the beauty of the architecture.

To further enhance the image, I adjusted the highlights and shadows to bring out the details in the darker areas. I also adjusted the vibrance and saturation to create a more balanced and colorful image. Finally, I applied a subtle vignette effect to draw the viewer’s eye towards the center of the image.

The result was a beautifully edited night photograph of St Andrews, capturing the unique character and charm of this historic Scottish town. Editing in Lightroom allowed me to create a more refined and artistic image, bringing out the true beauty of this incredible location.