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Photography Coaching

Photography Coaching

Table of Contents

Create compelling images

Do you want to develop your understanding and skills in photography? or apply these skills to create compelling content for your websites and social media? 

If the answer is yes to one or both of these questions then I can help in a practical and affordable way.

improve your photographic skills

I provide personal and group coaching on the theory and practice of photography covering many aspects of this exciting craft.  These include:


  • Introduction to photography, genres, and the photographic process.
  • Camera controls and techniques covering the exposure triangle, ISO, camera setup, camera features, and benefits. 
  • Photography systems covering lenses, flash and accessories.
  • Composition skills using any type of camera including assignments and personal feedback.
  • Image editing using Lightroom and advice on choosing and using editing software and computers.  Advanced options include photoshop familiarisation and assignments.
  • Buying a digital camera – options, budget, and long-term skill development, lenses, flash, and editing considerations. 
  • Outdoor and indoor portrait photography using studio flash and light modifiers. 

In addition, photoshoots are designed for individual and team choices such as ‘away-days/weekends’ to photographically exciting locations in London, the east coast, the Cotswolds, and requested destinations.

content for websites and social media

For businesses requiring content for social media and websites, I tailor coaching to meet specific requirements. This may include product, location, and portrait photography.   


Example topics include:


  • Content Management for websites and social media
  • Website design and support cycle
  • WordPress familiarisation – overview, website design principles, page builders, media, and keeping a website up to date.
  • Website content and blogs – bringing photography, video, and copy together 
  • Content creation and management techniques for SEO success. Using templates to assess what is required and how content is presented.
An overview of my website design and content management services is discussed via this link

Photography coaching is for 

 My coaching is for an individual and/or team who wants to:
  • Improve the quality of images they create.
  • Hobbyist and/or a content creator for websites, social media, and marketing
  • Better understand their equipment and workflow.
  • Make informed purchase decisions.
  • Broaden and deepen their photographic journey.
  • Wants to avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes
  • A person who recognises the value of personal coaching.


Content coaching is for

  • An individual and/or team responsible for creating or commissioning content for websites, social media, and marketing.
  • A person wanting to understand the theory and practice of SEO content creation and management covering content planning, content design, copy creation, video, photography, and illustrations.

Your coach

I will design and deliver coaching to individuals and teams.  Click here for an overview of my experience and qualifications.

My Linkedin profile provides an overview of my business career. This link outlines my passion for image creation and content management. 


Online and location coaching

Coaching will be delivered online and in-person depending on your needs and Covid guidance.


Individual coaching is £21.99 for a 15-minute question and answers session and £39.99 per person for a 30-45 minute coaching session.  

Buy a ‘Taster’ Coaching session 

Buy a ‘taster’ coaching session for only £14.99 to explore your priorities and needs, and to develop your personal coaching program.  Once your purchase is confirmed please use the enquiry form below to diary your call. I will confirm the call details.

Photo trips, photoshoots and group training sessions are individually priced.

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