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It is exciting, satisfying and often thrilling to photograph people in organised shoots or as candid ‘street photography’.  I particularly enjoy photographing life events such as weddings and celebrations. I deliver high-quality images and a high-quality service that people value.


My indoor and outdoor photoshoots are chosen to achieve the look you want. I use professional equipment for demanding environments.  This includes flash, light shaping equipment and high megapixel cameras.  This ensures vibrant and colourful images. I shoot in RAW format for maximum editing flexibility.  I use a professional range of lenses. mostly certified by Leica.  My lenses have fast apertures to achieve sought after-effects such as isolation of subjects from backgrounds.  


Lightroom, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X are my software of choice. Together with software plugins and professional computing and data storage equipment, I have the tools to create and edit photographs and videos, to create visual effects, and to manage and backup image files.


Three photo gallery are included to demonstrate what you can expect from a photoshoot.


These images are from a pre-Christmas community event. where I photographed couples, families and youngsters. Informal events like this are great fun. Why not come along for a theme shoot of your choosing and have a great time! 

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