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Youth Lives Matter March 2024


Learn about the Youth Lives Matter initiative in Milton Keynes, providing chances for young people to explore new interests and skills.

Pleo Reachout launch – photography and video

Pleo 00003

PLEO Reachout’s launch unites communities in supporting ethnic minorities with disabilities. Professional photography and video coverage enhance promotion efforts, fostering inclusivity and empowerment.

Capturing Love at the Valentine’s Ball

Valentines Ball 6

Capture the love and elegance from Delta Marriott’s Valentine’s Ball through my lens. Each photograph tells a unique love story—a celebration etched in memories

Photographing Christie’s Graduation

Graduation Christie 1 e1706986032137

As the photographer documenting Christie’s graduation at the University of Bedfordshire, I immersed in the joyous moments, capturing anticipation, pride, and camaraderie in wonderful, memorable photographs.