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Herons flying in to feed their chicks

This set of photographs is a collection of heron images taken at Mount Farm Park, Bletchley on 19 April 2021. 


The herons in flight are parents to three chicks and the next few days will be taken up trying to get more intimate images of the chicks and parents in flight.


The photographs were taken over two hours. By 9.30 they settled down and feeding had largely stopped so all there was left to photograph were bobbing heads of the chicks that appeared occasionally.


Over 300 photographs were taken to ensure a fair number of ‘keeper’ images. camera was the Lumix S1r and the lens was 70-200mm f2.8 with a 2x teleconverter. 


To stop motion, the shutter speed was around 1/2500 of a second using an ISO of 500.


I like the image below with one of the Heron carrying nesting materials whilst the other parent feeds their chicks.


Companion posts covering this topic are Video of Heron Chick Nest feeding and Heron Chicks Feeding.


P1003741 web
P1100001 1 web


This Heron was photographed yesterday and the capture was timed to perfection.

untitled 1100762 web

The last image was taken using the Lumix G9, a Micro Four-Thirds camera with a 28-280 equivalent lens. My experience is that these cameras take really excellent quality images and this one proves the point. 

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