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Heron feeding near grown chicks

This post follows an earlier article that shows herons in flight and chicks in their nest.  I committed to capturing more intimate images of the chicks so I set off early this morning to photograph and video them being fed.


Two cameras were used- one for photographs and the other for 4k video. The video camera was my Lumix G9 and 100-400 Leica lens.  My Lumix S1r captured the stills.


Feeding is a noisy and messy affair. The chicks eagerly anticipate the arrival of their parent who regurgitates their catch into the mouths of their offspring.


There are two chicks in these nests and they vary by size. The largest is the most aggressive as this can be seen in the video.

It is a testament to the parenting skills of the adult Heron that two large chicks can be kept fed to an age where they fend for themselves.


A companion post is Nesting Herons. That post shows birds in flight and photographs of the nest and feeding.

Waiting for food

This 30 second video gives an insights into what it is like in the nest whilst waiting for food, The chicks are making a clatter behind their parent whilst she waits for her mate to come with food to feed her chicks.  

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