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early morning bird photography

Mount Farm lake

I very much enjoy photographing wildlife around Mount Farm Lake.  The lake is small with lots of areas to photograph birds within range of my 200-600mm lens. The layout of the lake makes capturing birds in flight by positioning me in favorable positions to use the sunlight to best show off the birds.  


This video shows geese, herons, ducks, and other birds, mainly in flight.  The breeding season is not far off and the herons can be seen carrying materials to rebuild their nests for the spring season.  Good views of the heronry are possible because the trees are not yet in leaf so capturing herons flying into and out of trees is possible.


I try to get to the lake soon after sunrise to get the best of the light and to capture the animals as they begin to position themselves for the day after the darkness of the winter evening. 


Comments are invited and I am happy to answer questions on technique, equipment and editing. 

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