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Chommzy's 45th Birthday Celebration

A wonderful occasion were music, colour and drama come together with family and friends

Photographing and video recording this event was a fantastic experience that resulted in images that are widely shared and enjoyed by the host’s family and friends in Milton Keynes and beyond.
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Chommzy’s is 45! She celebrated in style in a prestigious hotel in Milton Keynes with her family and friends.    It was my job to video and photograph the evening and to make sure that her frequent changes of outfits and glamour walks with her guests were captured in full.  It was essential that the footage shows the fun, affection, dancing and excitement of the fun that was at the core of the party.

The event was filmed in a ‘run and gun’ format to ensure that the action was filmed close-up to the people and action. The gear used is ideal for low light events and captured crisp and colourful images and footage along with sound and movement

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