Lee and Lindi


The couple asked me to photograph their wedding from the arrival of the bride to the first dance.


What made this day special was the informality and friendliness of the couple, the professionalism and warmth of the pastor and his team, and the determination of all to make this a very special day for the couple and their families.


Equipment used included two Nikon SLR’s and Lumix Mirrorless cameras. Each camera has professional lenses that include wide angle and telephoto, on-camera and off-camera flash equipment, and light modifiers.


Images were processed in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Specialist software was used to optimise low light image quality.

wedding day photography


David and Carolyn captured Lee and Lindi’s wedding. Two photographers ensured that the occasion was recorded from many different angles and positions. Having two people also ensured that the appropriate lighting was deployed and used with the minimum of disruption.

Wedding photography and video
Photographer capturing wedding ceremony by Wedding Photographer in Milton Keynes

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