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Prewedding or vow renewal photoshoot

capture a moment in time

If you are planning your wedding, you will be looking for a photographer to capture the colour, emotion, and events of the day in a compelling way, then we deliver high quality images and service.

As part of our wedding package, or as a standalone photoshoot, we provide tailored engagement photoshoots to capture your special occasion.  For couples renewing their wedding vow, a tailored photoshoot is a valued keepsake that creates wonderful images to enjoy and share with friends and family. 

The decisive moment

We create images for once-in-a-lifetime occasions. We capture decisive moments and deliver images that you will be pleased to share and display for many years.  The images below show Matt proposing to Jessie. This is a scene often missed, or when recorded on mobile phones images are of poor quality.

Get top-quality results by using us to capture life changing moments. 

untitled 1070452 2 1

Matthew proposes on bended knee to Jessie, with great humour, Jessie accepts!

untitled 1070146

The happy couple moments after acceptance of Matthew’s proposal.

engagement photoshoot

Not everybody wants to capture the actual proposal but couples often want professional images to commemorate the event.  Our tailored photoshoots does exactly that.  Speak to us about our studio, location or natural light engagement photoshoots

untitled 386 2

An engagement portrait of Jane and Michael that expresses their love and joy in being together.  Studio flash and light diffusers were used to create this scene. 

The photographs below show different styles of photoshoots.

wedding Vow renewal

Complete your photograph album by documenting your wedding renewal vow.  Share the colour and emotion of the day with friends and family with professionally shot photographs and video.  

The images below show some images from Charlie and Lisa’s wedding vow renewal celebration. Note the different angles and use of different focal length lenses to capture the event. The outdoor photographs were taken using studio flash that illuminate a large group of people and provide light to balance shadow and sunlight under a dark tree with contrasty light.

Our approach

Because we tailor our photoshoots we get to know you so that we can design a photoshoot to create the results you want, when, and at a budget you can afford. 

Editing and Delivery

Our images are:

  • Captured in RAW for widest dynamic range. (Video is captured in HD or 4k).
  • Colour corrected, cropped, and edited to adjust contrast and colour temperature.
  • Remove noise and sharpen as required.
  • Colour graded using effects such as analogue film emulation, add effects such as teal and orange presets, convert to black and white, where appropriate.
  • Files are shared via Dropbox as jpeg files for printing and sharing.
  • Printed using professional processing labs using different styles of paper and surface e.g. metallic, canvass, as appropriate.
  • Edited to create slide videos with music and visual effects for sharing on TV, devices and social media, as appropriate.
Videos are rendered as 4k or HD files, playable on the majority of modern devices. 

why us

 We undertake photoshoots in chosen locations, at different times of the day and night and tailor our approach to create the images you want. 

We blend natural and studio lighting, we use lenses with fast apertures to separate couples from backgrounds. We use high-resolution cameras with state-of-the-art focusing and low light technology. Our professional editing creates images with mood and impact. 

Your photoshoot begins with a conversation with us.  To book your photoshoot, please call  David on 0771 0628198 or click on the box below to outline your ideas.

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