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Photographing Bletchley Park's Lorenz Machine

A technical challenge in controlled environment

I was invited by Bletchley Park to photograph their exceptionally rare and treasured WWII Lorenz Machine. Working closely with professional staff, I captured accurate and high quality images that will help promote Bletchley Park and the significant work it does to communicate amazing achievements that saved thousands of lives and had a profound impact on the Allied war effort.
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Photographing a Lorenz Machine

At the heart of Bletchley Park sits an amazing artifact of World War II espionage—the German Lorenz Machine. This intricate cipher device was the Nazi regime’s most advanced means of transmitting and deciphering crucial information. I was tasked with capturing the essence of this unique machine by photographing this unique device and producing high-quality images for marketing and cataloging purposes.

Significance of this machine

The Lorenz Machine had a profound impact on the Allied war effort that helped shape the course of history, transmitting vital messages that would help reduce the duration of the war and the lives lost.  Bletchley Park, the hub of Allied codebreakers, successfully intercepted and decoded Nazi transmissions, a testament to human ingenuity and resilience in the face of adversity.

Photography in a controlled environment

Collaborating closely with the dedicated curators and staff at Bletchley Park, I undertook the responsibility of photographing this symbol of wartime cryptography. The Lorenz Machine, housed in a secure display case, required careful handling to be positioned seamlessly on a special platform for the shoot. Working with precision, the team and I ensured every detail of this historical artifact was illuminated and photographed.


To achieve the perfect shots, a large soft box and a powerful studio strobe were employed, meticulously adjusted to bring out the intricate details of the Lorenz Machine. The camera settings were carefully calibrated to achieve front-to-back focus, and ambient light was dimmed to guarantee consistent exposure and color temperature across the images.  Using a professional 60+ megapixel camera and professional lenses helped to create wonderfully detailed images, ideal for research and display.

What was delivered

Post-capture, the images underwent meticulous editing in Photoshop. The goal was to create a uniform background and maintain a consistent look and feel, highlighting the Lorenz Machine’s intricate details. The final photographs, delivered as high-quality JPEG and TIFF files, serve as a visual chronicle of a bygone era.

A fantastic experience

Working with the passionate and professional staff at Bletchley Park was a delight. Their enthusiasm added to the overall experience, creating a collaborative atmosphere that honored the historical significance of the Lorenz Machine. The resulting images stand as a visual testament to the intersection of wartime innovation, human perseverance, and the pivotal role Bletchley Park played in turning the tide against the Nazi threat.

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