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Paris day trip

Celebrating joanna's 21st birthday

A 20 hour round trip to Paris from Bletchley on Joanna’s 21st birthday. I was pleased with the crop of images that satisfied my street, postcard, and family albums!


We left Bletchley just after 6 am to catch the Eurostar 8 am service to Paris…

on our way

Paris by David P Stewart Phtography 180605 001 web

Notre Dame cathedral

On arrival, we made our way to Notre Dame Cathedral.  I do not have the words to fully describe the experience of being in that magnificent gothic building with its soaring roof and detailed statues, and many worship spaces.


The scale of the building is incredible, with many chapels and secluded areas to break up the enormity of the space and to give a sense of communion with others and with the divine. 


The image below goes some way to show the scale and the complexity of the cathedral. Three stories reach to the sky, supported outside by enormous buttresses, shed light onto the floor.


The height of the building is amazing and the alter area and beyond look narrow but are in perfect proportion. 

Paris by David P Stewart Phtography 180605 019 web

These photographs were taken quickly to try and capture the essence of the cathedral and the variety of tourists and worshippers crossing the doors that day.

To the tower

I love the colours in this image and the determination of this young lady!  The camera colours match her outfit, true french style.  

Paris by David P Stewart Phtography 180605 020 web

The tower

A cloudy view over the Parisian cityscape, impressive nevertheless.

Paris by David P Stewart Phtography 180605 031 web

Sight and people that caught my interest. The sipping of champagne by Carolyn and Joanna was not to be missed. 

arc de triomphe

Made it to the heart of Paris, The Champs Elise, and the Arc De Triomphe.  It was getting late and time for getting back to the station, sometghing to eat and home.

Paris by David P Stewart Phtography 180605 034 web

...and home

After 20 hours on the road, we finally arrived home. A fantastic day. well worth doing and we saw lots of iconic sights.

Paris by David P Stewart Phtography 180605 039 web

Final thoughts

Yes, a fantastic city, and a great day out. The experience was only bettered by a wonderful family, organised by a beautiful daughter whose organisation and good humor made the day perfect.

untitled 1005825 web
untitled 1005829 web