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Hanukkah at Bletchley Park- An audio-visual celebration

Menorah Lighting at Bletchley Park

Historic Menorah Lighting at Bletchley Park: A festive collaboration, featuring a nine-foot menorah, entertainment, and historical ties, brought together the community.
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The Historic Menorah Lighting at Bletchley Park

Date: 10 December 2023

Location: Bletchley Park

Organisers: Chabad Jewish Centre of Milton Keynes in collaboration with Bletchley Park Trust

My role: To professionally photograph, video, edit and present images to document the event


In a momentous occasion that unfolded on 10th December 2023, the collaborative efforts of the Chabad Jewish Centre of Milton Keynes and the Bletchley Park Trust brought to life the first-ever public menorah lighting at the iconic Bletchley Park. The event, which commenced at 6 pm, was attended by a diverse audience eager to witness and participate in this historic celebration.

Key Highlights:

– A nine-foot menorah, elegantly displayed, served as the centrepiece of the event.
– Diverse entertainment, including a captivating juggling show, lively musical performances, and traditional Hanukkah delicacies, created a festive atmosphere.
– Esteemed guests, including Mayor Mick Legg and Bletchley Park CEO Iain Standen, added to the significance of the occasion.

Historical Context:

Bletchley Park, renowned for its role as a wartime signals intelligence hub during World War II, held particular importance for the Jewish community. The event underscored these historical ties, with the Menorah positioned next to the mansion and accompanied by informative displays detailing the connections between Bletchley Park and Judaism.

Visual Documentation:

The event was visually documented by a professional photographer and videographer, ensuring the preservation of every significant moment. Despite the challenges of an outdoor setting, meticulous lighting techniques were employed to capture the essence of the ceremony. Fortunately, the weather cooperated, allowing for uninterrupted documentation of this historically significant event.

Community Engagement:

The gathering attracted not only local Milton Keynes residents but also individuals from the surrounding counties. The event served as a beacon of hope and joy, particularly significant in the wake of recent challenges faced by the global Jewish community.

Future Endeavours:

For those interested in preserving their memorable events, the photographer and videographer responsible for this event are available for hire.

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Video recording of the event, featuring speakers, the service and entertainment

A selection of photographs for social media