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David and Larai's Wedding

A wonderful family occasion

A wonderful day shared with family and friends. My role was to photograph and video the wedding and wedding reception for over 250 guests, and to professionally edit the images.
David and Larai 06143

As the wedding videographer and photographer, it was my job to understand what the couple wanted from me and to deliver on their wishes.  My task was to capture the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception and to make sure that friends and family were shown at their best, and to capture the love and specialness of the couple’s love for each other during the day.  The wedding ceremony was a Christian celebration that required a civil ceremony later in the month which was my delight to photograph.

The videos. I produced two videos and delivered over three hundred photographs. I use professional  Sony equipment for my photography and video to get the best image and audio quality. I edit and colour grade both the photographs and videos to taste and deliver the final material in HD/4k and in high-resolution image files.

Wedding Ceremony

This 50-minute video documents the wedding service and provides a wonderful record of the event, the people who were there the uniqueness of the occasion.

Wedding Reception

This is a lovely record of the reception party and captures the highlights of the occasion and shows the respect and affection for the couple shared by all who attended.

Wedding Day Photographs

These images are a selection of those delivered to the couple.