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culross palace gardens

Culross Palace is not really a palace but a splendid merchants house dating from the late 16th century with a historic garden.


The garden at Culross Palace has been restored and incorporates many of the features which would have been found in the 17th century.  It is set behind the property on a slope and also has terraces with great views of the Firth of Forth.  The main garden is full of vegetables, herbs, aromatic plants,  flowers and fruit. 


There is also a small orchard with apple, mulberry, quince and fig trees.  A flock of ‘Scotts Dumpy’ hens roam here, much as they would have done in the 17th century.


Although the garden is not large it is well worth a visit and take time to visit the Palace too.

16th Century Garden in a Historic Village

Culross is a location used in ‘Outlander’. This small town is worth a visit for that alone as the period housing is a visual treat