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Baby Harris' impromptu  photoshoot using a Green Screen 

Create backdrops that match colours and moods

Using a Green Screen to create a lovely set of baby photographs with matching backdrops without the need to invest in extra equipment
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'Green Screen' Photograph To Black And White Portrait

Green screen baby beforeGreen screen baby after copy

Baby Harris’ impromptu  photoshoot using a Green Screen


A Green Screen gives editing flexibility to choose the right background to match the props and clothes.

Taking photographs of a baby is always fun, and our recent quick photoshoot with Baby Harris during our journey from Scotland to Milton Keynes was pretty cool. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how we took some fun photographs using a green screen.

The Trip to Cumbria:

A quick visit to Baby Harris in Cumbria was a chance to catch up on his progress since he arrived in October. Carolyn and I, armed with the wish to freeze a moment in time, decided to take some pics with a twist. Instead of regular snapshots, we decided to try something different with a green screen.

The Power of the Green Screen:

I always carry my Green Screen as a photographer, and this impromptu decision turned out to be a good one. The green screen acted as a blank canvas, letting us put Baby Harris into all sorts of scenes. But what’s so good about a green screen in a photoshoot?

A Green Screen gives you a simple background that you can easily replace using photo editing software like Photoshop. This means you can get creative and put any background you like behind the subject.

15 Minutes of Fun:

With the Green Screen set up, we had a 15-minute photoshoot adventure. We put Baby Harris in cute props, and it was like he was the star of his own little story. The Green Screen made it easy to focus on making cool moments without needing fancy props or complicated setups.

The Editing Bit:

The real cool stuff happened after the photoshoot. With the Green Screen giving us a simple backdrop, we could easily replace it with cool scenes that matched Baby Harris’s cuteness and charm. Being able to match backgrounds with the subject in Photoshop made our photographs way more creative.

Get Involved:

Now, we want you to check out the fun results of our Green Screen photoshoot. Have a look at our photo collection and see Baby Harris’s cool journey through the photographs. The magic isn’t just in the cute baby but in how we used tech and creativity together.

Come and celebrate the joy of taking photographs that go beyond the usual. Share your thoughts and stories about Green Screen photographs, and don’t forget to look at our collection to see Baby Harris’s world of fun.

Get in touch to transform your photoshoots with a Green Screen or use dedicated backdrops and studio equipment.

Before and after photograph

The image on the left is the original RAW file.   You can see Harris with the Green Screen background and some of the room, the floor, towels, and a chair.  The photograph on the right is the final edited image with a matching backdrop and all the unnecessary details removed. 

Harris's edited 'Green Screen' photo gallery