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Fashion shoot for a prestige clothing website

Professionally photographed images for Ffolaji London

Ffolaji London wanted a set of high quality photographs for their autumn selection of dresses and they chose us to get the job done.
photoshoot for prestige clothing website 1003

The photoshoot for Ffolaji London, a fashion house specialising in ladies’ clothes for the African diaspora, was a stunning display of bold and vibrant designs. The shoot was held in a spacious studio, where models adorned in Ffolaji’s latest collection posed against a variety of backdrops, including brightly colored walls and textured fabrics. The clothes featured rich and vibrant colors, with intricate patterns and details that celebrated African culture and heritage. The models were styled with natural hair and minimal makeup, allowing the clothes to be the center of attention. The photographer skillfully captured the essence of the Ffolaji London brand, emphasizing the boldness and confidence of the designs. Overall, the photoshoot was a successful representation of Ffolaji London’s unique approach to fashion, which celebrates diversity and cultural richness. The images produced from this shoot will be an important marketing tool for Ffolaji London, showcasing the brand’s commitment to offering stylish and elegant clothing options for women of the African diaspora.

Photoshoot setup

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Ffolaji London demands the highest quality of images to showcase their dresses and fashion wear on their website.  They chose us to create a portfolio of photographs for their relaunched website so their expectations were high. Our instructions were to create a set of images with consistent lighting,  accurate colour fidelity, and a hint of personality.  The photo shoot ran over one day.  Two models were selected to showcase different dress sizes and ‘looks’ so that website viewers could buy with confidence.

The location for the photoshoot was an artist’s studio with natural light that could be controlled, and with changing rooms for the models, and room to position our studio lighting to achieve balanced lighting.  The equipment used for the shoot was:

  • Sony high megapixel  professional camera
  • 24-70mm lens
  • A suite of professional flash strobes
  • A suite of large light modifiers
  • White backdrop (12 by 8 feet.)
  • Colour temperature and colour checker tools


The session resulted in over 1500 images that were culled in Lightroom and then shared with the client for final selection. The chosen images were then edited and cropped to achieve a consistent look and feel. The final step was to size and present the final selection of images to Ffolaji London to post on their website.

photoshoot for prestige clothing website 1 photoshoot for prestige clothing website 1 02150 photoshoot for prestige clothing website 1 02024 photoshoot for prestige clothing website 1002