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Event photography and video for the complete picture

Why spend a lot of time and money on an event only to rely on low quality and incomplete mobile phone images to share with friends and family?

I work with clients to deliver a tailored service to capture high-quality images to capture the emotion, colour, sounds, and drama of events and special occasions.  Join a growing number of people, charities and business that use me to capture images they are proud to share and to treasure.

Avoid these pitfalls!

All to often event photography and video capture is not properly thought through, leaving the organiser, family and friends to take photographs and video.  This approach can produce good images but more often than not it fails to produce consistently high quality images or a complete record of the event. 

No dedicated shooters

Fleeting opportunities are missed resulting in an  incomplete record.

Inappropriate equipment

Poor quality images that are grainy, poorly exposed and do not capture low light shots and intimate moments.

Available lighting

Washed out, poorly lit images, disappointing family, group and event images.

In camera processing

Inappropriate image cropping, poor colour temperature , bad audio and video clips. 

Inexperienced shooters

Missed images, poor image quality, and sound, incomplete record of the event, 

Partial record

Key parts of your event missed or badly photographed, multiple video clips that are not edited or brought together as a “movie” or story.

Use me for the complete picture!

Recognise the importance of capturing your event using a professional with the skills, equipment and experience necessary to capture, process and present the entirety of your occasion, Capture the emotions, colours,  movement, and sounds. 

Event photography and video services

We provide a complete photography and video service to document your event using professional equipment to capture sights, sounds, colours, and emotions.  Our professional editing gets the best out of the raw images we capture to ensure that images are presented at their best for printing and sharing on social media, or for marketing products and services.

Community and Personal Events

We photograph and video community, family and private events, birthdays, remembrance events, presentations & awards.

Conferences and Seminars

We photograph and video conferences and seminars, presentation, awards, Q&A session, executive interviews and audience feedback.


Capture your heritage projects as interviews, documentaries and content. Share on social media and websites.

Sport events

Photographs and videos of the event, of teams and individuals competitors and fans.

Recent Events

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