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Social, educational, spiritual and fundraising events are the bedrock of community life, offering friendship and information that will transform lives. 


I  attend many events and am asked to design and support websites and to post photographs and videos as a follow-up and as a record of the occasion. 


Capture the set, the people, and capture the moment.

Share images on social media. Your images are assets. Create these assets and use them to motivate and reward, and prove that your people are important.  

With over 40 sales and marketing experience and organiser of major national and international conferences, I know how to document your conference with photographs and video.

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To know the present it is important to know the past and photography and video helps communicate values,  history, events and perspectives to new audiences. 


I am asked to document heritage projects for fundraising, and for online and offline marketing.   


Sport is exciting. It is movement, sound, and colour. Sporting achievements deserve to be documented and shared.   


Capture individual and team sports, indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions. 


Sport makes fantastic videos and photographs for social media and marketing so don’t fall behind, book a photoshoot today.