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Making Good Better Online: Establishing an Online Presence With A New Website

A Starter Website with Big Impact

MGB’s new website empowers Milton Keynes’ BAME community. User-friendly design connects visitors with services, fosters a sense of belonging, and encourages action. Visit to learn more!

As the website designer, content creator, and photographer behind MGB Community Service’s new website. Today, I’m excited to share the story behind this project and how this online space can benefit both the charity and the BAME community in Milton Keynes.

Building a Foundation Online

MGB Community Service is all about empowering and supporting BAME residents to thrive. One of the first challenges they faced was establishing a strong online presence. This website is the initial step – a digital space to share their mission, showcase their work, and connect with the community they serve and grow income through publication of events and inviting donations.

Simple Functionality, Big Impact

The website is designed with a user-friendly approach. Easy navigation lets visitors explore the core aspects of MGB Community Service, including their mission, the issues they address, and the services they offer. A clear call-to-action section allows visitors to get involved, whether it’s volunteering, donating, or simply staying informed.

Benefits for Everyone

For MGB Community Service, the website is a powerful tool:

  • Increased Visibility: A website puts the charity on the map, making it easier for potential beneficiaries and supporters to find them.
  • Enhanced Credibility: A professional online presence builds trust and demonstrates the organization’s commitment to its cause.
  • Improved Communication: Updates, news, and events can be shared efficiently, keeping the community informed and engaged.

Visitors also gain a lot from this website:

  • Clear Information: Easily accessible information about MGB Community Service’s goals and the services they provide.
  • A Sense of Community: The website fosters a sense of connection, allowing BAME residents to find support and resources.
  • Opportunities to Help: The website makes it easy to get involved, either through volunteering or donations.

A Platform Built for Ease of Use

This website is built on the user-friendly WordPress platform, which allows for easy content management by MGB Community Service staff. Additionally, a leading page builder plugin streamlines the website editing process. This combination ensures both ease of use for future updates and fast initial deployment to get the website up and running quickly.

Capturing the Heart of the Community

As the website’s photographer and videographer, I have the privilege of attending MGB Community Service events. These visuals play a key role on the website, bringing the organization’s work to life and showcasing the vibrant BAME community they serve.

This website is just the beginning. As MGB Community Service grows, the website will too, evolving to meet their ever-expanding needs. In the meantime, it serves as a valuable platform for connection, support, and empowerment – a digital space where Making Good Better truly comes to life.